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Introducing Whatsie Play Couches

Discover endless fun and creativity with The Whatsie, a modular foam play couch designed for all ages. Whether it's climbing to new heights, building towering forts, lounging in comfort, or designing imaginative obstacle courses, The Whatsie transforms every space into a playground of joy and imaginative play. 

The Play Couch: An Award-Winning Favourite. Comprising of two thick bases, two full-length trapeziums, and a pair of cosy armrests, this is the favourite choice for both fun and relaxation.

The Shortie: Compact and Charming. The Shortie features two thick bases, two full-length trapeziums, and two armrests, tailored for smaller spaces without compromising on the fun. The Shortie is simply 24cm shorter that the playcouch on one side.

The Armie: Mini Yet Mighty. Embrace the essence of The Whatsie in a more compact form. The Armie offers one thick base, one full-length trapezium, and two inviting armrests, ideal for those starting small or seeking to enhance their existing setup.

Experience the joy and versatility of The Whatsie, where imagination meets comfort.