Sandcastle, Storm, Mermaid Tail Mint and Seamist Whatsie Original in stock | Mermaid Tail Mint, Elephant, Storm Duo in stock | More stock arriving this week | $40 Flat Rate Shipping Australia-Wide


Two large cylindrical foam rollers with endless play possibilities. They can be used in conjunction with a Whatsie or on their own. Perfect for rolling cars, sticks, pillars and so much more.

Microsuede: Microsuede is a beautiful material that is durable, incredibly soft, stain resistant and child friendly. The Whatsie microsuede covers are the perfect choice those looking for a cover that is cosy in winter and cool in summer.

Cotton: Our cotton blend covers are a highly sustainable, eco-friendly blend that is durable, spill resistant, beautiful, and resembles the look and feel of a luxury fabric. Naturally resistant to bacteria, the Whatsie cotton covers are the perfect choice for families looking for a long wearing, durable, and modern play couch.